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Community Outreach


Our Adopt-a-Family program works with a local organization to bring some Christmas joy to a single mother and her children. Provided with a Christmas wish list for each member of the family, Hope members then purchase and wrap the gifts to share with our adopted family for the year. It’s a rewarding way to share some love during the Christmas season!

Blessing Bags

Our Blessing Bags are a great way to get involved with helping the homeless population in our community. Large zip lock bags are filled with essential items that Hope members can then take with them to have on hand when they see a person in need. Get involved by donating items, giving a financial gift to support the program, and/or by helping assemble the bags!

Hope at the Manger

Held on our campus in Mar Vista, our Hope at the Manger community event provides a safe, fun way for children to hear the Christmas Story. Hope members decorate their cars while children go trunk-to-trunk to see the different parts of the Christmas Story! Join us next time for this free, family event! Everyone is welcome!

Easter Egg Hunt

Our Easter Egg Hunt community event is held every Spring the day before Easter Sunday. There’s food, games, crafts, and a variety of other activities for children and their families. And, of course, there are thousands of eggs for the children to hunt down and keep whatever treasures they find inside! It a great day to spend with your family and/or to get to know more of your neighbors! Everyone is welcome!

Food Drives

During the Thanksgiving / Christmas season, Hope members bring in non-perishable food donations as a way to give back out of the abundance of blessings that our generous Savior has given to us. The food items are then given to a local shelter to provide some aid and relief to those less fortunate. Get involved by donating food items and/or by helping to organize the effort!

If you would like more in formation or to get involved with our outreach events, please contact us or check to see what events we have coming up!

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